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Postoperative Care

Recover with confidence through our dedicated postoperative care.

At Home Diagnostics

Bringing advanced diagnostics directly to your doorstep.

COVID-19 Testing

Stay ahead of COVID-19 with our extensive testing and management services.

On-Demand Comprehensive Care

Your health, our priority, on your schedule.

Free At-Home Assessment

Convenient wellness evaluation in the comfort of your home.

IM Injections

Efficient and effective treatment with intramuscular injections. 

IV Hydration

Rehydrate and rejuvenate with our IV hydration treatments. 

Travel Care

Your health companion, wherever you go. 

Post-Partum Care & Baby Nurse

Supporting families when it matters most. 

Concierge Nursing Services

F&C only uses Professional Registered Nurses & Certified Home Health Aides

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